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Devotion 4K UHD Review

“Devotion” is worthy of praise.

Based on the true life story and the novel “Devotion: An Epic Story Of Heroism, Friendship And Sacrifice” by Adam Makos, 2022’s “Devotion” is a biodrama war film set in 1950 during the Korean War. The story centers on two U.S. Navy pilots- Tom Hudner (a new transfer to Fighter Squadron 32) and Jesse Brown (the first black U.S. Navy aviator). The story follows their bond and journey as they transfer to an aircraft carrier (U.S.S. Leyte) before being assigned to Korean War missions.

“Top Gun: Maverick” wasn’t the only aerial pilot film in 2022 as “Devotion” was also released late in the year. Although overshadowed in the holiday and award season rush, director JD Dillard and writers Jake Crane and Jonathan A. Stewart crafted an inspiring and heartbreaking true life story about two pilots- Tom Hudner and Jesse Brown. Not only was it refreshing to see a film set in the Korean War (which is a subject that doesn’t get explored nearly enough in cinema), but the film spotlights two decorated men (the aforementioned pilots). Hudner is obviously a courageous and brave soul whose story deserves to be told, but Jesse Brown’s story is the real centerpiece of this movie (and rightfully so). It’s a real shame that his name isn’t mentioned more frequently in history books as he was a heroic and pioneering aviator who achieved his goals despite everything he had to endure during segregation. The creative team really digs into Brown’s struggles and triumphs too instead of merely just focusing on the overarching story as many true life stories do.

Speaking of the characters, both Glen Powell (who also stars in “Top Gun: Maverick” amusingly enough) and Jonathan Majors are fantastic here. Considering he starred in two aerial movies, it was impressive to see Powell really create two very different characters. Obviously, that’s the job of an actor, but he shows real range in both roles. Majors (who is everywhere lately) continues his rise to stardom here with one of his best roles to date. He has such a screen presence and he’s the type of actor that you’re just fascinated to watch. He’s fast becoming one of the best modern actors to say the least.

If “Devotion” has any downsides, it’s that it falls victim to the usual biodrama structure. It’s tough to tell a true story and not get stuck in those traditional storytelling beats though. It can be overlooked though considering how engrossing the story is.


Presentation: 2.20:1 2160p. How does it look? The cinematography looks pristine in 4K.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Although the lack of a 7.1 or Atmos track is odd, the audio still soars (especially during the aerial sequences). 

Extras include a Digital copy, a featurette titled “The Aviation Of A Forgotten War” which covers the true life story and book, the authenticity, the aviation scenes and more and “The Legacy Of Jesse Brown” which centers around the heroic real figure.


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