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The Fabelmans 4K UHD Review

“The Fabelmans” is another winner from Steven Spielberg.

Loosely based on Steven Spielberg’s own life, “The Fabelmans” chronicles the childhood of Sammy Fabelman. After seeing “The Greatest Show On Earth,” Sammy’s life is forever changed as he becomes obsessed with making movies (be they home movies or bigger productions with his boy scout troop later on). This is not just a story about Sammy’s fascination with film, however, as it is a family story at heart. Through the camera lens, Sammy begins to see the cracks in his own family (particularly with the divide between his parents Mitzi and Burt). While all of this is going on, Sammy begins to grow, mature, date, deal with anti-semetic bullies, and ponder his own future.

Over the course of his storied career, Steven Spielberg has told epic sci-fi, adventure, and war stories, but he’s never turned the camera on himself so to speak. Alongside writer Tony Kushner, Spielberg penned and directed this autobiographical story about film, family, parents and childhood. To say it’s a personal project is an understatement. Spielberg clearly had a lot of feelings and memories that he wanted to convey in cinematic form and the result is a decidedly honest, sweet, sometimes heartbreaking, funny, and even inspirational film. He’s outside of his comfort zone here, but in typical Spielberg fashion, he shows that he can tell a story in any genre. It’s refreshing that even at this later stage in his career, he’s not adverse to taking a risk. It’s also refreshing that he’s still a master of the craft who can surprise you and move you with a meticulously detailed and heartfelt coming-of-age period piece story. 

Spielberg has assembled a fantastic cast here yet again. A star is born with Gabriel LaBelle who plays the teenage Sammy. Paul Dano had quite a year in 2022 between “The Batman” and this. He’s such a versatile actor who never shies away from challenging roles. Judd Hirsch may have a very small role, but he steals every scene he is in. It may be a bit of a spoiler, but David Lynch as John Ford is simply inspired casting. Michelle Williams may have received an Oscar nomination, but, to me, she’s the weak link here. She over acts to an extreme degree here and it often feels like she’s in another movie from everyone else. Granted, this is Spielberg’s movie and life story so maybe it’s accurate, but as an outsider looking in, Williams was distracting.


Presentation: 1.85:1 2160p. How does it look? The shot on film looks spectacular on 4K.

Audio Track: 7.1 Dolby TrueHD. How does it sound? Note perfect.

* Digital copy
* Blu-ray copy
* “The Fabelmans: A Personal Journey”- Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner talk about this very personal project over set footage and film clips.
* “Family Dynamics” explores the casting.
* “Crafting The World Of The Fabelmans” covers the production design/sets and recreating rooms and bedrooms. 


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