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Detective Knight: Redemption Blu-ray Review

“Detective Knight: Redemption” can’t redeem the series. 

In this sequel to “Detective Knight: Rogue” (a third installment is on the way), the titular ex-cop is now in prison alongside criminal Casey (who longs to see his family). Casey gets his wish when a psychotic prison counselor (Ricky Conlan) breaks out the inmates and recruits them into his gang of Santa themed thieves/bombers. James Knight, on the other hand, opts to stay in prison and his good behavior is rewarded when he strikes a deal with the police to take out the bad guys and get reinstated as an officer. Elsewhere in the story are subplots about a corrupt Mayor, Casey’s family, and James Knight’s former partner Eric (played by Lochlyn Munro who gives the best performance here).

Written and directed by Edward Drake, “Detective Knight: Redemption” is another slapped together CGI blood and bullet filled action vehicle for Bruce Willis. The problem is Bruce Willis is barely in this movie despite being the titular character. He only shows up for a few scenes and the scenes he is in he barely utters a word. Most of the story is devoted to the Ricky Conlan and Casey characters. Ricky is a decidedly over-the-top villain who rambles on and on about freedom, religion, rich people, corruption and revolution. His plan makes little sense and the character’s mindset feel more like topical ramblings you’d find on social media. The actor Paul Johansson also seems to be channeling Holt McCallany here for some reason. As for Casey (played by Beau Mirchoff), he’s a very cliched bad guy gone good character who gets stuck in a winless situation due to Ricky’s actions.

In case you’re wondering about the Christmas elements there’s not a whole lot here. The film begins with a Christmas heist and bombings with a bloody-faced Santa gang (which was probably the highlight of the entire movie), but despite the gang donning Santa outfits there’s not much to the holiday angle.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. Grade: B+

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: B+

* Digital copy
* “Detective Knight: A Christmas Surprise”- A behind-the-scenes featurette with set footage, interviews, film clips and story and character discussions.
* “Drawing Inspiration: Redemption”- Edward Drake provides commentary for 17 minutes of the film.


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