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The Minute You Wake Up Dead Blu-ray Review

“The Minute You Wake Up Dead” is a forgettable thriller. 

After a failed business merger, Russ (a stockbroker) has found himself losing a lot of money alongside investors in the small Mississippi town he resides in. Russ receives a death threat from an unknown caller and reports it to the police but the Sheriff (Thurmond) doesn’t take it seriously. That all changes when the waitress (Delaine) girlfriend of Russ (who lives next door to him) wakes up to find her father murdered. Russ and later Thurmond believe the hitman’s target was likely meant to be Russ instead, but in typical thriller fashion that’s not the full story. Who hired the hitman? Who was the hitman’s real target? Is money involved? All is revealed in the end.

Directed by Michael Mailer and written by Mailer and Timothy Holland, “The Minute You Wake Up Dead” is the type of disposable thriller/neo-noir you’ve come to expect from Grindstone Entertainment. Despite being packed with talent (more on that in a bit), ‘Minute’ is a twisty thriller that suffers from lazy conveniences and twists that often occur in an over-the-top and cheesy fashion. Granted, this is a film that requires a suspension of disbelief, but the character actions are so frequently nonsensical that it’s hard to invest in anything happening on screen. Normally one would expect characters committing crimes trying to figure out how to get away with their crimes. Not in this movie! Crimes happen without any regard to their consequence as the anticlimactic ending shows. 

Perhaps the most flagrant crime the script commits is that it beats you over the head with its themes. From the opening moments you’ll get that this movie is about greed and sin and the writers never stop reminding you until the credits roll.

As mentioned above, ‘Minute’ does feature a talented cast with Cole Hauser (of “Yellowstone” fame), 

Jaimie Alexander (“Thor”), and Morgan Freeman (too many credits to name). One would think with that caliber of talent they could at least rise above the lackluster script but alas no. All of them are fine in their respective roles though (especially considering what they have to work with). There are a few howlingly  bad performances here on the supporting front though with Darren Mann as Lucius and Liann Pattison as Purnie. At least they provide some camp value though.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. Grade: B

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: B+

The lone extra is a trailer for “The Minute You Wake Up Dead.”


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