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Jerry And Marge Go Large Blu-ray Review

“Jerry And Marge Go Large” is a quaint little film.

Based on a true story, “Jerry And Marge Go Large” revolves around the titular married couple who live in the small town of Evart, Michigan. The story concerns the recently retired Jerry discovering a legal loophole in the WinFall lottery. He ends up making a considerable amount of money and eventually begins to let friends and locals in on the secret to benefit their struggling small town and its people. Alas, some arrogant college students (led by Tyler) also discover the loophole which could threaten Jerry and the town’s newfound success and put an end to the loophole entirely.

Initially debuting on Paramount+, director David Frankel’s “Jerry And Marge Go Large” is a perfectly watchable and inoffensive film. It’s charming, it’s simple, and it’s down to earth. Is Brad Copeland’s script a safe and by-the-numbers true story based tale that coasts along? Yes, but you can’t help but get caught up in the heartwarming little tale of small town American citizens catching a break. It’s also nice to see a story about adults in their “golden age” which is a real rarity nowadays in the world of cinema.

Where ‘Large’ really shines is with the performances. Bryan Cranston can simply do no wrong and he once again delivers a memorable performance as Jerry. Likewise, the always reliable Annette Bening is in top form as Marge. Both Bening and Cranston have undeniable chemistry together. You really buy them as a longtime couple. There are several standout supporting performances from Rainn Wilson as Bill the store clerk, Larry Wilmore as Steve, Michael McKean as Howard, Jake McDorman as Jerry and Large’s son Doug, Uly Schlesinger as the entitled jerk Tyler, and Anna Camp as Dawn too.


Presentation: 1080p. Grade: A-

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: B+

The lone extra is a Digital copy.


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