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Three Thousand Years Of Longing Blu-ray Review

“Three Thousand Years Of Longing” is an admirable film that falls short. 

Based on the short story “The Djinn In The Nightingale’s Eye” by A.S. Byatt, “Three Thousand Years Of Longing” revolves around a scholar (Alithea) who buys an antique bottle that releases a Djinn who grants her 3 wishes. Alithea is hesitant to make a wish though knowing their risks. As the two converse, the Djinn recounts how he became imprisoned in the bottle and recounts stories about the Queen of Sheba, a doomed romance between a concubine and a Sultan’s son, his loneliness, and a knowledge hungry woman (Zefir). Over their time together, Alithea begins to develop a connection with the Djinn.

Before he went on to tackle the forthcoming “Furiosa”, George Miller directed and co-wrote (alongside Augusta Gore) this ambitious ode to storytelling that digs deep into themes of life, isolation, desire, and love. Truth be told, it’s rather amazing to see a movie like this get made nowadays (especially since it wound up bombing at the box office) as it’s the type of mid-range budget adult fare you just don’t see theatrically anymore. It’s a bold and talky story that turns out to be a rather visual feast (although that should be expected with George Miller). The wide range of shots, the depiction of the Djinn, the production design, the big sets and costumes are all spectacular visions on screen. Unfortunately, the movie surrounding it doesn’t quite gel.

While there’s a lot to sink your teeth into thematically, “Three Thousand Years Of Longing” is a slow-paced drama that doesn’t quite connect like it should. Given that this is meant to be a more intimate story about a woman and a Djinn connecting, it’s not as emotional or moving as it could have been. Perhaps the detour into the Djinn’s past (which gives the film an anthology esque approach) cuts into that. It can be argued that their relationship is more mature and isn’t sappy, but it feels like something more impactful is missing in the writing.

The film’s lack of emotion certainly isn’t due to the lead performances by Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton who are both compelling as per usual. The two are arguably among the best working actors in the biz today and they really hold your attention when they’re on screen together. 

Note: The slipcover lists a DVD but a DVD is not included with the Blu-ray release.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? Expect a stunning hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? A nice layered Atmos track.

The lone extra is a Digital copy.


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