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Fall Blu-ray Review

“Fall” is effective to say the least. 

After losing her husband in a mountain climbing accident, a distraught Becky is convinced by her thrill seeking YouTuber friend Hunter to climb a 2,000 foot TV tower and spread her husband’s ashes. Before they can get down to safety, the ladder breaks and the two become stranded atop the tower in the middle of nowhere without phone signals, food or water. Will they make it out alive? That would be telling. 

If you have a fear of heights, this survival thriller is definitely not for you. This is the type of intense journey that will have your hands sweating the entire time. It was tough to watch at times even for me. With that said, “Fall” certainly delivers as a thriller. Yes, the green screen and CGI flaws are apparent, but the combined tight direction by Scott Mann and sharp cinematography by Miguel Olaso more than make up for any shortcomings. 

Now, you’re probably wondering how can this simple premise movie sustain a 107 minute runtime? Surprisingly, writers Scott Mann and Jonathan Frank fill out the time quite nicely. There’s no filler here in this story filled with danger, drama, failed attempts to get rescued, a big twist and thematic explorations of love, loss, survival, fear, life, secrets, and regret. Oh, and vultures.

What really sells this movie is the fantastic performances by Grace Caroline Currey (Becky) and Virginia Gardner (Hunter). You buy into their characters, their friendship, their living on the edge attitude and their struggle to survive. If the actors couldn’t carry this movie it wouldn’t have worked at all. Gardner (who was a scene stealer in 2018’s “Halloween”) is especially noteworthy here and is bound to be a star. 


Presentation: 2.00:1 1080p. How does it look? The cinematography shines in hi-def.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The 5.1 track hits all the right notes. 

* Digital copy
* Theatrical trailer
* Commentary by director Scott Mann and producer James Harris
* A lyric video for Madison Beer’s “I Have Never Felt So Alive.”
* “Fall: The Making Of”- A nearly 16 minute featurette with interviews, set footage, film clips and so forth.


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