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Black Panther: Wakanda Atlas Book Review

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Atlas’ is a must for fans of the comic book series.

With ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ fast approaching, DK Books has published a new tie-in book titled ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Atlas.’ Written by Evan Narcisse, the hardcover book is divided up into 4 sections- Wakanda, Birnin Zana (where the Royal Palace resides), Beyond The Borders (which includes Niganda, Azania, the Wakandan Embassy in NYC, and the Wellspring of Power), and Interstellar Expansions (Planet Bast, Planet Agwe, and the Galactic Gate).

‘Atlas’ kicks off with an intro by Evan Narcisse along with notes by illustrators Bex Glendining, Teo Georgiev and Shawn Martinbrough. After that we get an all too brief list of 7 key characters. T’Challa, Shuri, Queen Mother Ramonda, Storm, Killmonger, Tetu, Zenzi and Klaw. Although more characters are touched upon in each of the 4 sections, it feels as if more characters should have been mentioned in this section like Nakia and M’Baku for starters.

After that, we get the central content of the book. Each section begins with an illustrated map with a short written blurb about the place. After that, sections of each location are explored (ala Heart-Shaped Herb Gardens and Jabari-Lands in Wakanda). Within these sites, resources are listed, events that transpired in the comics at these places are mentioned (such as Ayo breaking Aneka out of Fort Hahn prison), wildlife is name dropped, natural landmarks are listed, other characters are referenced, quotes are displayed, and monuments and technology are expanded upon. Lastly, the book concludes with a handy index.

For the past several years now, DK Books has been crushing it with the Marvel and DC comic book reference guides and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Atlas’ is another gem in their catalog. Not only does this book touch on all eras of the comics, but it gives a very detailed overview of all the main locations and where they are in relation to one another. It’s like getting a Black Panther history lesson (only its fiction). 

It should be noted there are spoilers abound within these pages so if you’re reading a certain run of BP comics you might want to steer clear of say the written material about the Wakanda Prime and Intergalactic Empire war and who perished in that battle. 

In terms of the artwork, there’s a combination of exquisite comic panel/comic art images along with vivid, detailed new drawings (namely the maps). Although there is plenty of succinct written content about everything from Vibranium Mines to Necropolis being used a base for the Illuminati, ‘Atlas’ is a very visual book overall. 


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