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Young Sheldon Season 5 DVD Review

‘Young Sheldon’ continues on with Season 5.

In the 22 episode fifth season of the prequel spin-off of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ fans can expect to see plots about George and Brenda’s dynamic, Mary’s faith, Georgie dropping out of school, Connie buying a laundromat (which has a gambling business attached), Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis, Pastors, Sheldon’s academic adventures, Connie and Dale’s relationship, Georgie set to have a son, and Mary and George being unemployed.

‘Young Sheldon’ may be a Texas set coming-of-age single-camera family sitcom about the Cooper family (comprised of parents Mary and George, their children Sheldon, Georgie and Missy and grandmother Connie), but it’s a show that is far more family melodrama than comedy. This season in particular often comes across as an after school special as it tackles subjects about religion, adultery, relationships, puberty and adulthood. While the show’s comedy may have its fans, it falls flat more often than not. It’s impossible to describe how groan worthy it is seeing Penn and Teller talking from the POV of a pimple and puss. 

The central issue with ‘Young Sheldon’ is that the title character is the least interesting element of this series. Jim Parsons (who does narrate here) may have been the breakout star in ‘Big Bang,’ but Iain Armitage is not Jim Parsons. Moreover, the character’s stories in this series are simply dull and feel one note. We get it, Sheldon’s smart, awkward and rude. The show might have been charming when the cast was younger, but now that everyone is older, the series has worn thin and is merely existing to milk the ‘Big Bang’ brand. 

On the plus side, at least the series is utilizing the talents of Annie Potts and Craig T. Nelson. The ‘Coach’ reunion in episode 4 was a nice touch especially. 


Presentation: Widescreen. Grade: A-

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. Grade: B+

The lone extra is ‘Time Flies When You’re Having Fun: Young Sheldon At 100” about the 100th episode milestone and its now 5 year run. 


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