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Murder At Yellowstone City Blu-ray Review

‘Murder At Yellowstone City’ falls apart in the end.

Set in the small town of Yellowstone City, Montana, ‘Murder At Yellowstone City’ is a western film set during the gold rush. The film begins with a miner (Robert) hitting the jackpot by finding gold. He shares the good news with his wife (Emma), the town and his “other” lover. His good fortune is cut short, however, when he is murdered. The Sheriff (Jim) immediately puts the blame on a drifter (Cicero) but it’s clear there’s much more to the story. This is especially evident when more dead bodies begin to surface. 

As a western fan, it’s always nice to see the genre continuing on and evolving even if it’s a made for home video title that was clearly designed to partially capitalize on the popularity of ‘Yellowstone.’ Initially, this proved to be an engaging enough ensemble slow-burn whodunit from director Richard Gray and writer Eric Belgau. Unfortunately, the movie goes off the rails in the final bloody act. 

It’s unclear if Eric Belgau resorted to western movie cliches or simply needed to shoehorn in a big action heavy shootout, but the ending spirals out of control. It never felt like the ending connected with the rest of the movie. Yes, there’s obvious closure and payoffs to the events that played out, but it ends in such a needlessly chaotic fashion that defies logical screenwriting. It’s a shame because everything before that is watchable enough (especially for western fans). It doesn’t hurt that the movie boasts top notch sets, production design, costumes, and location shooting either.

‘Yellowstone City’ has a pretty talented central cast (although some of the supporting performances are a bit amateur). Gabriel Byrne (who plays a justice seeking Sheriff who lost his wife) is consistent as always, Thomas Jane is solid as the truth seeking Preacher with a past, Nat Wolff is solid as the Sheriff’s shady son, Anna Camp plays against type as Alie the wife of the Preacher), Isaiah Mustafa plays the drifter Cicero (who is sadly underutilized), and Richard Dreyfuss plays a bartender (although he has little to do). 


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? The generally sharp cinematography shines in hi-def.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Expect an active 5.1 track. 

Extras include RLJE Films trailers, a making of featurette, nearly 7 minutes of deleted scenes and commentary by Richard Gray, Anna Camp, Scottie Thompson, Aimee Garcia, Tanaya Beatty, Eric Belgau and Isabella Ruby

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