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The Lost City 4K UHD Review

“The Lost City” is an amalgam of better movies. 

Loretta is a romance novelist whose life and career is on the decline after she lost her husband. Not only does she feel lost, but it seems her fans are more interested in the book series cover model Alan (whom she is annoyed by). Things worsen for Loretta when she is kidnapped by a media mogul (Abigail) who desires her help to find the legendary Crown of Fire. Loretta has written about the fabled Crown which was based on findings by her late archaeologist husband. With Loretta abducted, Alan takes it upon himself to try and save her alongside a former NAVY Seal (Jack Trainer). The rescue doesn’t go as planned (naturally) and Alan and Loretta find themselves roaming the jungle while being tracked by Abigail’s minions. Throughout their journey though, Alan and Loretta just might find themselves connecting with one another. Elsewhere in the story, Loretta’s publisher Beth sets out on a quest to locate her star author. 

Directed by Adam and Aaron Nee and scripted by them alongside Oren Uziel and Dana Fox, “The Lost City” is the type of movie that makes you wonder why it took 4 writers to pen what is essentially a knockoff “Romancing The Stone” (with a touch of “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”). One thing is for sure- this is no “Romancing The Stone.” This is a throwback Hollywood romantic adventure-comedy that tries to coast on star power, but the story’s over familiarity, eye-rolling humor (Sexual innuendos! Leeches on a butt! A goat!) and cliched “life imitates arts” plot hampers whatever chemistry Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum have (which isn’t much). The two try their best with the material they have, but they don’t have much to work with aside from cheeseball banter, lame sight gags, and tired cliches. With all of that said, if you love Rom Coms, you will most likely eat all this up and be happy to see a big screen Rom Com again (which is increasingly rare in this day and age).

There are a few saving graces here though that are worth pointing out. Daniel Radcliffe steps outside his comfort zone as a greedy villain and is one of the more engaging parts of the movie. The real star though is Brad Pitt in a small but memorable role as Jack Trainer. And yes, his character does eat to keep that strange Pitt tradition alive. It’s a shame the movie wasn’t about his character as it would have been far more appealing. Lastly, the film does deserve credit for real shooting locations and practical sets. Not only does it add to the atmosphere and adventure, but it’s refreshing to see a movie with less green screen than normal.


Presentation: 2.39:1 2160p. How does it look? From the lush jungle exteriors to the sequin jumpsuit, this is a pristine print.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? Say it with me- the Atmos track delivers.

* Digital copy
* 8 deleted scenes
* 5 ½ minutes of bloopers.
* “Dynamic Duo” is all about the dynamic between Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum.
* “Location Profile” talks about the shooting locations on the ocean and in the Dominican Republic.
* “Jungle Rescue” covers the action set pieces.
* “The Jumpsuit” revolves around the sequin jumpsuit.
* “Charcuterie” tackles the charcuterie sequence.
* The self-explanatory “The Villains Of The Lost City”
* “Building The Lost City” is a featurette on the sets and shooting locations. 


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