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Eraser: Reborn Blu-ray Review

“Eraser: Reborn” is likely to be erased from your memory once the end credits roll.

“Eraser: Reborn” might take the cake for the most out of the blue franchise resurrection. This is a sequel to 1996’s instantly forgettable Arnold Schwarzenegger starring “Eraser.” No, it does not star anyone from the first installment. In fact, you aren’t likely to recognize anyone in the cast aside from possibly Dominic Sherwood (best known for “Shadowhunters” and “Vampire Academy”) as the miscast and wooden lead U.S. Marshall Mason Pollard and Jacky Lai (also from “Shadowhunters” and “V-Wars”) who delivers the only solid performance in the entire film as Rina. Why they couldn’t have cast a bigger name or even Arnold himself, I don’t know. It would have yielded far better results and more profit for WB, but I digress. 

Directed by John Pogue and scripted by Michael Weiss, “Eraser: Reborn” is a cheaply made action-thriller about the aforementioned U.S. Marshall Mason Pollard whose job is to erase people (AKA fake their deaths) and put them into witness protection. His newest client is the wife of a crime boss named Rina. Rina kills her husband in an accident, steals some crypto, and works with the FBI. She is eventually sent to South Africa, but the right hand man of the crime boss (Marco) and some traitorous agents are tailing her.

“Eraser: Reborn” is another in a very long line of made for home entertainment action movies that feel interchangeable from the next. It’s a completely slapped together project with shootouts, bad CGI (see the animals) and endless amounts of henchmen that is utterly devoid of life. The story is basic, the characters are bland, and the action barely quickens your heartbeat. The only reaction you’re likely to have is yawning. Lots of yawning. “Eraser” was not a good movie to begin with, but it looks like an Oscar winner when compared to this sequel.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. Grade: A-

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: A-

Extras include A Digital copy and a making of featurette titled “The Warrior And The Witness: Making Eraser: Reborn.”


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