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Star Wars: The High Republic: Tempest Runner Book Review

“Tempest Runner” is a refreshing change of pace for The High Republic multimedia series.

Written by Cavan Scott, “Star Wars: The High Republic: Tempest Runner” is an audio drama whose script has now been released in hardcover book form. Although the story jumps around in time, the bulk of it takes place after the Republic Fair disaster. The Jedi believe that a Twi’lek Nihil named Lourna Dee is the Eye of the Nihil (AKA the leader) which we (the audience) know is not true. Marchion Ro is, of course, the Eye, but Lourna Dee is a titular Tempest Runner (a ranking below the Eye). After Lourna attempts to take over a relay station, things go south for her as she is captured and eventually sent to a prison ship. Worse still, a member of the Nihil is searching for and he isn’t looking to save her. Elsewhere in the story, we get a good number of flashbacks to Lourna’s past involving her family, her time as a slave, her brie stnt in the military and her eventual induction into the Nihil. 

“Tempest Runner” is a departure from the other High Republic stories in that it revolves around a Nihil POV with Lourna Dee. The previous stories have all centered around Jedi characters even though Nihil characters have a fair share of pages devoted to them. Not only does this narrative shift provide a further exploration of Lourna’s character, but we also get more insight into the Nihil hierarchy and the organization’s past before Marchion became the Eye. As someone who has grown rather tired of the big disaster formula of late, ‘Tempest’ breathes new life into The High Republic by offering up one big character centric story. Sure, Jedi characters like Burryaga, Nib Assek, Sskeer and Keeve pop up as do other Nihil (Andrik, Tasia to name a couple), but this Lourna’s story through and through.

On the subject of Lourna’s arc, Cavan Scott does a commendable job in bouncing around from Lourna’s past to present. The back and forth may not be to everyone’s liking, but seeing how the character started out in her youth to seeing the person she becomes made for a more involving story. We learn about the mistakes she’s made, her trust issues, her anger, and her insubordinate behavior that has major consequences both for her and those around her. It will be equally compelling to see where her character goes from here.

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