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The Boy Behind The Door Blu-ray Review

“The Boy Behind The Door” is one intense movie.

In this horror-thriller, 2 kid friends (Bobby and Kevin) are abducted by an initially unseen kidnapper and taken to a house. Kevin is brought into the house while Bobby remains in the trunk of a car. Bobby manages to escape the trunk, but decides to try and help his friend. The abductor leaves the house and it is here we (the audience) learn that the abductor has paying scumbag customers who get a certain amount of time with the kidnapped victim. Can Bobby save Kevin from unspeakable horrors or will other problems begin to appear too?

Written and directed by David Charbonier and Justin Powell, “The Boy Behind The Door” is a disturbing race against time horror-thriller that has an unbearable amount of tension. The simple creepy premise mixed with the convincing performances by child actors Lonnie Chavis (Bobby) and Ezra Dewey (Kevin) really hooks the viewer from the start. You’re on this deeply unnerving journey with the characters and you certainly don’t ever want to look away from the screen (even when there are moments that you will want to).

‘Door’ isn’t without its faults. At 89 minutes, the premise is exhausted a bit (especially in the final act). The telegraphed moments and the numerous questionable character actions will undoubtedly frustrate viewers. Yes, the actions are meant to ratchet up suspense, but they make little sense. Why didn’t Bobby warn the cop in the house? Why did no one check on Bobby in the trunk? Why did the police not check in on an Officer? There are many questions here that could drive viewers nuts. With all of that said though, these moments don’t hamper what is an overall solid horror-thriller.


Presentation: 2.38:1 1080p. Grade: A-

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: B+

Extras include “The Boy Behind The Door” music video and 2 ½ minutes of bloopers.

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