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Apex Blu-ray Review

“Apex” is another Bruce Willis starring dud.

In “Apex,” the story revolves around a former cop (Thomas Malone) who is in prison for life without parole. He gets a chance at freedom when he is offered to play a dangerous survival game on a remote island called Apex which pits him against 6 hunters. For reasons I won’t spoil here, Thomas accepts and soon finds himself being the prey. However, he soon discovers that the hunters (especially the unstable Doctor Samuel Rainsford) aren’t just out for him but each other as well.

Written and directed by Edward Drake (alongside co-writer Corey William Large), “Apex” tells a familiar tale in the vein of “Most Dangerous Game” and “The Hunt” but with a sci-fi twist. From the cover, you’d think it would be an action packed sci-fi movie. This is not the case. Drake and Large do very little with the concepts they present as everything here is surface level. Instead, viewers are forced to witness an unintelligent plot filled with a whole lot of scenes of characters talking at one another with very little action. Most of the scenes also take place in a forest which gives the film very little visual spectacle. There are a few “sci-fi” scenes with a transporter, advanced tech, ships and holograms but they are few and far between. 

And then there’s Bruce Wllis. It’s no secret that the veteran actor has been slumming it in made for home video titles lately and this is no exception. Not only does it look like he rolled out of bed, but he does as little as humanely possible. He mostly hides behind plants and forest terrain, fires a few shots, mumbles a few lines and that’s about it. There’s also the montage of Willis wandering the forest set to the cheesiest music you may ever hear. Don’t ask.

There are 2 solid performances here though with Neal McDonough and Megan Peta Hill. McDonough is the only one taking his part seriously as the unnerving killer Rainsford. Megan Peta Hill has a small part, but gives a personable performance as the scheming hunter Jeza.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. Grade: B+

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: B+

The only extras are RLJE Films trailers

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