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Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road Blu-ray Review

“Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road” provides insight into the musician’s complicated life.

Directed by Brent Wilson, “Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road” is a documentary film about the titular frontman of The Beach Boys. The doc is essentially two movies in one with part of the film exploring Brian’s past with The Beach Boys and his mental health issues and the other part is set in the present in which Brian travels around with music journalist/friend Jason Fine taking a trip down memory lane, talking about the present, and checking out locations from Brian’s past. Spliced into the past portion of the film are a collection of interviews with other musicians and industry pros like Sir Elton John, Nick Jonas and Bruce Springsteen talking about his genius along with a wealth of archival footage (and audio), concert footage, interviews and photos.

There’s a lot of information (and even a biopic) about the life of Brian Wilson, but this new feature length documentary might be the most revealing. Not only do we (the audience) learn about his past, but we also see what he is like nowadays. Wilson’s songwriting and musical genius isn’t the sole focus here (although it is certainly touched upon) as director Brent Wilson and journalist Jason Fine get Wilson to open up about his often life whether it be the story behind “Good Vibrations,” losing his brothers and father, his marriage, his struggles with drugs, being controlled by psychologist Eugene Landy, or the state of his mental health. 

Despite the many heartbreaking moments in his life, we ultimately see that Wilson is a kind soul who loves making and listening to music, touring, going out to eat, and spending time with family and friends. His story is nothing if not a reminder that life is messy and that one can overcome obstacles no matter how challenging they may be.


Presentation: 16:9 1080p. Grade: B+

Audio Track: 5.1 Surround. Grade: A-

Extras include minutes of nearly 15 ½ minutes of additional interviews and deleted scenes.


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