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Werewolves Within Blu-ray Review

“Werewolves Within” bites.

Based on the Ubisoft video game, “Werewolves Within” is an indie horror/comedy/mystery movie that revolves around a Forest Ranger (Finn) accepting a new post in the tight knit small town of Beaverfield. Upon arrival, nothing goes right. There’s anger about a proposed pipeline, a dog goes missing, a storm knocks out the power, and soon people begin to die by someone or something.. The locals initially stay at the Beaverfield Inn for safety, but as the bodies start piling up, they begin to turn on one another as everyone is a suspect.

A whodunit werewolf concept is certainly worthy of a movie, but “Werewolves Within” doesn’t do it justice. Had the humor been more effective, it would be an entirely different story. Unfortunately, I kept waiting for Mishna Wollff’s script to deliver the laughs. Sure, some people may be charmed by the quirky townspeople, but I found them obnoxious save for Cecily (I’ll get to her in a bit). Right out of the gate, director Josh Ruben delivers a tiresome story about paranoia, community, trust, and kindness. Topical it may be, but the strong themes get lost in a story that you just want to wrap up.

One thing the movie does have going for it is surprisingly picturesque cinematography by Matthew Wise. Whether the action is taking place indoors or out in the snow covered lands, the movie is nothing short of visually pleasing.

The cast has no shortage of comedic talent like Sam Richardson, Milana Vayntrub, Catherine Curtin, Michaela Watkins and Harvey Guillen, but again, most of the characters are just annoying caricatures. Only Vayntrub (best known for the AT&T ads) is engaging here. I won’t spoil her role, but her character arc stands out to say the least. It’s a shame she doesn’t get more roles as she deserves better than those commercials (and this movie).


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? A pristine print.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Expect a layered 5.1 track.

The lone extras are IFC Film trailers.

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