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Future Boy Conan- The Complete Series Blu-ray Review

The origins of Miyazaki.

Before Hayao Miyazaki went on to become one of the most renowned filmmakers in animation with films like “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Spirited Away,” he directed this 1978 26 episode anime series based on “The Incredible Tide.” The story begins in the year 2008 where a war has ravaged Earth. 20 years later survivors are living in various environments including Industria, High Harbor and Remnant Island where the title kid character resides with his grandfather. When Conan finds a young girl named Lana, his call to adventure begins especially after Lana is kidnapped by Industria soldiers. It seems the villainous power hungry Lepka is searching for Lana and her grandfather. From there on out, there are stories about Earth falling apart, a rebellion against Lepka, Lana’s telepathy, Conan’s allies and friends such as Jimsy, Dr. Lao, Captain Dyce, and dangers like Orlo and his gang.

As an anime series, “Future Boy Conan” is a decent sci-fi adventure. There’s a bit too much filler and too many circuitous pitfalls ala characters escaping and going on the run more than once, but that’s to be expected from a series. The post-apocalyptic world building and 1984ish concepts are the show’s clear strength. Where ‘Conan’ shines though is with Miyazaki’s direction.

If you’ve seen all of Miyazaki’s work or are well accustomed to his style and storytelling, it’s fascinating to see Miyazaki’s earliest work. You can see his style and trademark directorial flourishes even in this series. Moreover, a lot of the ideas and themes that are present in his work like nature, a kid lead character, the devastating impact of war and aerial machines and various vehicles are present here. 


Presentation: 1.33:1 1080p. How does it look? The episodes have never looked so crisp and colorful.

Audio Track: English and Japanese 2.0 DTS-HD MA tracks. How do they sound? The English dub is decent but the Japanese audio is the way to go.

The only extras are a promo trailer and a booklet featuring concept art.


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