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Warning Blu-ray Review

“Warning” is an intriguing sci-fi drama.

Wrapped around an impending global disaster, “Warning” is an ensemble anthology film set in the future. The stories involve a maintenance tech (David) that becomes stranded in space, an outdated robot (Charlie) that cannot find a new home, a single woman (Claire) who relies on an Alexa esque device called God to guide her life, a couple (Ben and Anna) whose relationship is ruined by creepy technology, a mortal-immortal couple, and a young woman (Magda) who allows herself to be mentally controlled by an older wealthy male for a hefty sum.

Directed by Agata Alexander (and scripted by Alexander, Rob Michaelson and Jason Kaye), “Warning” is a series of cautionary tales about technology that certainly bears some resemblance to “Black Mirror.” However, there’s more going on in here as the film explores concepts outside of technology and a reliance on tech (both of which are all too relevant in their own right). The writers lean heavily on big themes about loneliness, religion, humanity, mortality and love. Could the big ideas have been explored more and perhaps weaved together in a smoother fashion? Yes, but there’s still a surprising amount of depth here.

Outside of the story, “Warning” also boasts impressive direction by Agata Alexander and striking production values (especially for an indie film). In a lot of sci-fi indie films, you don’t see this level of directorial style. A lot of the time it just feels like a work for hire gig. Alexander puts her own unique spin on the story with each vignette feeling like it could be its own movie. The production values definitely aids her vision with some truly inspired sets, props, and visuals (ala the practical and special effects).

Although the screen time is generally limited for everyone, “Warning” has quite the cast with the likes of Thomas Jane, Alice Eve and Alex Pettyfer, Annabele Wallis, Rupert Everett, Garance Mallier, and Patrick Schwarzenegger making appearances. I wouldn’t say any one actor stands out here as, again, it’s an ensemble piece, but rising star Garance Mallier managed to do a lot with what is essentially dual roles.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? The very visual film shines in hi-def.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The 5.1 track does the job.

The only extras are a Digital copy and a trailer for “Warning.”


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