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Space Jam: A New Legacy 4K UHD Review

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” is a brick.

In 2021’s “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” the story revolves around LeBron James as himself. When he isn’t playing professional basketball, he’s pushing his 2 sons (Dom and Darius) to play basketball. Dom isn’t so thrilled by this, however, as he is much more interested in video games. While LeBron and Dom are at Warner Brothers for a movie discussion, Dom finds himself intrigued by a new self-aware A.I. Al-G Rhythm. To cut to the chase, Al-G kidnaps Dom and holds him prisoner to spite LeBron. Al-G forces LeBron to form a basketball team to compete against his own (the Goon Squad) in Dom’s invented basketball game in the virtual Serververse world. If LeBron wins, his son goes free. As you can probably guess, LeBron teams up with the Tune Squad.

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” is less of a movie and more like a video game/shameless promotion of WB content. Sure, director Malcolm D. Lee and the screenwriting team (which is somehow made up of 6 writers) will trick you into thinking this is a father-son story, but at no point will you be invested in that story. For one, LeBron James has zero on screen personality. Michael Jordan wasn’t much of an actor either, but he at least was better than this. Plus he had Bill Murray and a killer soundtrack at his side. Secondly, I never bought the fact that Dom would listen to an A.I. more than his actual father. Sure, he learns the error of his ways, but that entire conflict is so forced and ridiculous. And it took 6 writers to come up with this!

Virtually everything about this movie pales in comparison to the original. The Goon Squad doesn’t hold a candle to the Monstars, the soundtrack stinks, the references are random and sometimes pop-up without any sort of transition, and the Looney Tunes are entirely wasted. On top of that, Dom’s actual basketball game is just an NBA Jam rip-off. The whole project reeks of being a botched attempt at capitalizing on nostalgia. 

Perhaps the most baffling thing about this movie is the inclusion of Don Cheadle. I’m still trying to figure out why he is in this movie. You’re better than this, man.

The only enjoyment I derived from this movie was staring at the crowd of the basketball game which was largely made up of WB movie and TV characters (animated and live-action). It was fun to scan the crowd to seeThe Mask, The Penguin from “Batman Returns” and 60’s TV series, Iron Giant, King Kong, Wizard of Oz characters, the list goes on. Also the Ernie Johnson cameo was a nice touch too.


Presentation: 1.85:1 2160p. How does it look? Say what you will about the movie itself, but the transfer is pretty stunning. The colors really pop here.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? The audio also fares extremely well here. Every dribble packs a punch.

Extras (on the Blu-ray):
* Blu-ray copy
* Digital copy
* 5 deleted scenes
* “First Quarter: Game On”- Cast and crew talk about the story of this sequel.
* “Second Quarter: Teamwork”- A look at the make-up work on the crowd members and the production crew collaboration.
* “Third Quarter: Out Of This World” covers the animation, motion-capture, green screen work and special FX.
* “Fourth Quarter: The Looniest” is all about the music.

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