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The Water Man Blu-ray Review

“The Water Man” is admirable, but lacks originality.

Set in the small town of Pine Mills, “The Water Man” revolves around an imaginative young boy (Gunner) who is distraught by his mother (Mary) being sick with Leukemia. Trying to find a way to save her, Gunner seeks out the local legend Water Man who is apparently immortal. Gunner enlists the help of a runaway girl named Jo to find him, but his quest doesn’t quite go as planned. Meanwhile, Gunner’s parents (Amos and Mary) try to find Gunner not knowing where has run off to.

David Oyelowo performs double duties here as both a star and the director of “The Water Man.” The well intentioned film is clearly an homage to the kidventure movies of the 80’s like “E.T.” (which is referenced here), but, at its heart, the Emma Needell scripted story is a fantasy-family film about hope, mortality, family, and love. While the positive nature of the project is appreciated and much needed in these dark times, the Oprah Winfrey produced project is a bit lackluster. Not only does it feel reminiscent of recent titles like “A Monster Calls” and “I Kill Giants,” but it lacks real spirited adventure. Perhaps the budget limitations put a damper on that aspect, but I think the story could have had a more intense middle act than bug encounters and a log walk.

“The Water Man” boasts quite a talented cast with the likes of David Oyelowo, Rosario Dawson, Alfred Molina, Maria Bello, Lonnie Chavis and Amiah Miller starring. Dawson gives the most heartfelt performance as the mother of Gunner, Mary. Molina, Bello and Oyelowo all turn in respectable performances. Lonnie Chavis (Gunner) gives a fine performance, but doesn’t quite have the charisma to lead the movie. Amiah Miller (Jo) does however have a great screen presence and helps move things along as her character journeys with Gunner.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? Expect a nice crisp hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The track is quite lively. Part of me thinks they made the audio bigger to make the movie sound more exciting than it really is.

Extras include a mini-comic, a making of featurette, a remote 27 minute Toronto International Film Festival cast and writer Q&A, a behind-the-scenes look at the animation in the film, and commentary by director/actor David Oyelowo and cinematographer Matthew J. Lloyd

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