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Overboard Blu-ray Review

“Overboard” remains a divisive comedy.

In the original 1987 “Overboard,” the story revolves around a spoiled, snobby, married heiress (Joanna) who spends time lounging on her yacht. She hires a lower class carpenter/widowed father (Dean) to work on a new closet in the yach, but when hiswork turns out to be unsatisfactory, she fires him and refuses to pay for the work he already did. Time passes a bit and Joanna ends up going overboard and becoming amnesiac. Her husband (Grant) abandons her with the hope of claiming her fortune. Dean also learns of this and plots revenge by posing as Joanna’s husband so that she can work off the debt. Joanna ends up caring for Dean’s 4 children and falling in love with Dean, but will that last once she learns the truth?

Directed by Garry Marshall and scripted by Leslie Dixon, “Overboard” is very much a love it or hate it type of romantic comedy. There’s no question the movie has developed a passionate fanbase since its release (my parents included) due to endless cable airings and the charming cast chemistry (I’ll get to that in a bit). On the flipside, the film’s detractors are put off by the tone-deaf concept of what is essentially a gaslighting/stockholm syndrome situation. So where do I fall on “Overboard”? In the latter camp.

Conceptually, I understand what Leslie Dixon was trying to accomplish with this screwball esque riches to rags love story about class and realizing the error of one’s ways. The problem is the more you think about the story the more messed up it is. Joanna’s entire arc in this movie is fairly disturbing in that she is led to believe she has a life with Dean. Now, granted, this is a comedy movie so it’s not like it’s some true to life fiction. In fact, part of the reason the movie has amassed so many fans is due to the comedic stylings. For myself, I find the comedy to be largely groan worthy. The movie is only saved from being a disaster by its cast. There’s no denying that Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have great chemistry together onscreen (and offscreen was we know). They truly elevate the lackluster material. The supporting cast is also on point with Michael G. Hagerty as Billy (who arguably has the film’s most amusing moments) and the always reliable late actress Katherine Helmond (Joanna’s mother Edith).


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? The scanned in 2K is a bit on the fuzzy side but it’s certainly an upgrade from past releases.

Audio Track: English Stereo. How does it sound? The audio fares better here with a nice clean Stereo track. French Stereo and Spanish Mono tracks are also included.

Extras: An “Overboard” trailer and a 14 minute plus interview with screenwriter Leslie Dixon who talks about her life, career, and writing “Overboard.”

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