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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Blu-ray Review

Season 3 of “Star Trek: Discovery” boldly goes in a new direction. 

Spoiler notice: If you aren’t caught up through season 2, you may want to skip reading this to avoid spoilers.

After the riveting season 2 finale, the 13 episode season 3 propels the crew of the Discovery into a new era- the future. Michael Burnham is initially split from the rest of the crew Discovery and meets a courier named Book who she develops a partnership with. Eventually, Burnham and the Discovery crew meet up again. From there on out, viewers can expect stories about the status of Earth, the Federation and Starfleet, a crime syndicate known as the Emerald Chain led by the powerful Orion Osyraa, a cataclysmic incident called The Burn, Adira’s Trill symbiotes, Phillipa Georgiou’s illness, and Book’s family and homeworld.

It’s tough to review season 3 as I am trying my best to tiptoe around spoilers. Given that ‘Discovery’ is entering a new era and timeline, it’s best to experience this season knowing as little as possible because Trek fans have no idea what’s in store as its uncharted territory. Really, that’s what makes this season so exciting. Instead of being stuck in or around the TOS or TNG era as Trek has largely been as of late, ‘Discovery’ is focusing on a new time period that has yet to be explored. There’s limitless potential here and, as this season clearly shows, there’s a whole lot to explore and “discover.” Not only do we get fascinating new characters like Cleveland Booker AKA Book (already a fan favorite thanks to actor David Ajala) Starfleet Commander Vance, but we see new tech, new planets, Starfleet in a different light, and general universe building. Of course, the show already builds upon existing characters like Burnham, Saru (Doug Jones rules as usual), Stamets and Adira.

If I had one complaint about this season it’s that the big story of The Burn falls flat in the end. Sure, the mystery and events surrounding The Burn are fascinating at first, but the climactic reveal behind it feels undercooked and anti-climactic. Still, it doesn’t put a damper on the season as a whole nor does it ruin what is in store for future seasons at all.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? The visually stunning series shines bright in 1080p.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The 5.1 track is nothing short of dynamic as this is an audio intensive series.

* Deleted scenes from episodes 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13
* An amusing 4 1/2 minute gag reel.
* “Stunted”- A 14 ½ minute featurette on the show’s stunts.
* “Writer’s Log: Michelle Paradise”- Nearly 14 minutes of video diaries from the POV of the writer/executive producer.
* “Star Trek: Discovery: The Voyage Of Season 3”- A 28 ½ minute overview of the new season complete with interviews and episode clips.
* “Being Michael Burnham”- 24 minutes of video diaries from Sonequa Martin-Green mixed with episode clips, interviews, and set footage.
* “Kenneth Mitchell: To Boldly Go”- The actor talks about his 4 roles on the series and his battle with ALS. A very moving 18 minute extra.
* “Bridge Building”- A 25 ½ minute look at the bridge crew.

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