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Hunter Hunter Blu-ray Review

“Hunter Hunter” is one dark thriller.

Written and directed by Shawn Linden, 2020’s thriller “Hunter Hunter” revolves around a family (Joseph, Anne, their daughter Renee, and their pet dog) who live out in the wild away from society without plumbing or electricity. Things aren’t exactly going well for this family though as they are broke and arguing about moving in order for Renee to go to a school. Worse still, there appears to be a vicious wolf in the vicinity. As Joseph goes off to hunt the wolf, he discovers a series of corpses that are most definitely not the result of a wolf attack. He doesn’t tell his family but instead goes off to find whoever or whatever is responsible. As time passes, Anne and Renee are left on their own with no idea where Joseph is and this is when the real trouble begins. Elsewhere in the story there’s a subplot involving police officers Barthes and Lucy.

Don’t live in the wild and don’t trust people. These are the messages of the nasty little slow-burn cautionary thriller. Emphasis on the word nasty. This is not the type of movie where things work out in the end. Yes, a lot happens off screen, but the tension, problems and danger keep on escalating until the very end. I won’t spoil what all happens, but for those who are sensitive to violence or upsetting content, “Hunter Hunter” is definitely not for you. For those who are into horror-thrillers, check this one out.

Cast wise, there’s some fine performances here. This is easily Devon Sawa (who is almost unrecognizable here) turns in his best work since “Final Destination.” Nick Stahl (who has been absent as of late) returns with a small but memorable role. Camille Sullivan really commits to the part of Anne and gives arguably the best performance here. Summer H. Howell also shines as the daughter Renee.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? Viewers can expect a sharp hi-def transfer. 

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This 5.1 track is effective.

The only extras are IFC Film trailers and a trailer for “Hunter Hunter.”


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