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Boogie Blu-ray Review

“Boogie” can’t overcome sports movie cliches.

No, this is not the story of Demarcus Cousins (AKA Boogie Cousins). Instead, “Boogie” revolves around an Asian-American Queens high school basketball star named Alfred “Boogie” Chin who dreams of going to the NBA. His troubled, broke parents are doing all they can for him to realize his dreams, but Alfred’s attitude and lack of scholarship offers might hamper his prospects. Other key plotlines involve Alfred falling for a fellow classmate (Eleanor) and a local star basketball player (Monk) who is getting a lot of attention.

With “Boogie,” writer/director Eddie Huang (who also has a small role) has clearly crafted a personal project. Not only does Huang offer up a fresh voice in Asian-American cinema, but he also provides interesting explorations and observations about race, Asian-American and Chinese culture, opportunities, and family. When the movie focuses on those elements, it works. When it focuses on the tired drama and basketball movie tropes, it falters. Much of “Boogie” feels overly familiar and therein lies the problem. How many times can one see a story about a talented young athlete trying to overcome obstacles to achieve his goals of furthering his career? Furthermore, there are many too familiar dramatic elements too both on and off the court. The dialogue also comes up short as there are some real cheeseball metaphors and character conversations that feel phony.

The cast is strong all around. Taylor Takahashi shines in his big screen debut performance, Taylour Paige brings depth to the character of Eleanor, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. has great chemistry with Takahashi, Pamelyn Chee gives arguably the best and most passionate performance as Boogie’s mother, and the late Pop Smoke has a big presence as Monk.  


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. Grade: A-

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: B+

* Digital copy
* In-Theater trailer/making of.
* “The Road To Boogie-Town”- An extra about how filmmaker Eddie Huang met Taylor Takahashi along with details about the story and characters.
* “Eddie Huang: It’s Personal”- The writer/director talks about the personal nature of the film.
* “Shout Out To Pop Smoke”- A brief featurette about the late actor and his character.

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