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Star Wars: The High Republic- Race To Crashpoint Tower Book Review

“Star Wars: The High Republic: Race To Crashpoint Tower” is fast paced but derivative.

The Republic Fair on the planet Valo was meant to be a big celebration, but it turns into a nightmare real fast after a gearhead Jedi Padawan (Ram Jomaram) discovers the Nihil are lurking. Not only are they messing with the communications tower (the titular Crashpoint Tower), but they may be planning an attack on the planet. Elsewhere in the story, another Jedi Padawan (Lula) is investigating the Nihil alongside her Master and force sensitive friend Zeen on the planet Trymant IV. Eventually, the 2 stories link up as the Nihil crisis worsens. The Nihil may not be alone either as there may be another villainous ally waiting in the wings.

Author Daniel José Older returns to the Star Wars universe with a new YA novel set in The High Republic era. Like “A Test of Courage” and “Into The Dark,” “Race To Crashpoint Tower” focuses on younger Jedi here- specifically two Padawans. Neither character really stands out here and indeed Ram feels a bit too much like Reath from “Into The Dark.” Yes, the Jedi do have their own character quirks and learn lessons that cause their characters to grow, but they aren’t memorable. This novel is much more event, action, and story driven although there are characters from past stories popping up alongside some new ones (including a droid named V-18 who is turned into a vehicle).

The backdrop of yet another Nihil crisis feels a bit redundant after events that have already transpired but it does move events forward and sets the stage for the bigger picture to come. The story certainly moves quick here and doesn’t waste any time which was appreciated. I think the bigger concern with ‘Crashpoint’ is that it feels too interconnected to past High Republic stories. Yes, this is all one big ambitious multimedia event, but it’s getting to the point where you need to know everything going on. If you haven’t read past novels, you will not catch everything and might feel lost as to what exactly is going on. Reading “Light of the Jedi” and “Into The Dark” before this is pretty much essential if you want to know about the villains featured here.

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