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Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Character Encyclopedia Book Review

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Character Encyclopedia” is a worthy addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection.

With “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” in full swing (which is essentially a Clone Wars sequel), DK has recently released a new updated 2021 character encyclopedia for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” And yes, for those wondering, the Bad Batch characters are indeed featured here. 

Anyway, this Jason Fry written book kicks off with a table of contents and an intro before diving into the main section of the book which are the character profiles. The main characters like Yoda, Sheev Palpatine, Rex, Ahsoka Tano, and so on have more written content on their character profiles such as a timeline, character evolution, weapons used and so on. Most of the other characters listed here simply have a paragraph blurb about them (sometimes longer), a photo, and information about their species, height, allegiance, homeworld and abilities. The book concludes with a handy index. 

If you love Clone Wars or are desperately trying to remember the name of an obscure character, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Character Encyclopedia” has you covered. Not only do you get refreshers on a character’s background ala Hevy, but you get plenty of features on deep cut characters like Mantu, Sixtat and Kin Robb. Every character faction from the show gets the spotlight here from Clone Troopers, droids, Separatists, Bounty Hunters, Nightsisters and so on.

The only downside to this very thorough book is the lack of content about what episodes the characters are featured in. Sure, an internet search can help in that department but it would have been helpful to know what episode Dryden Vos appears in for example.

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