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Quick Change Blu-ray Review

“Quick Change” is an overlooked Bill Murray film.

Directed by Howard Franklin and Bill Murray (his lone directorial credit), “Quick Change” is a NY set comedy that opens with a man (Grimm) dressed as a clown robbing a bank with explosives strapped to his chest. The Police (including Chief Rotzinger) are alerted right away which leaves you wondering how Grimm plans to get out of this situation. After a series of ridiculous demands, it becomes clear that not all is as it seems as Grimm manages to outfox the police. Unfortunately, the plan goes to hell when Grimm and others can’t catch a break. Will the Police Chief catch Grimm or can he get away scot free? 

“Quick Change” may be best known as the movie where Bill Murray dresses as a clown, but the 1990 film has become quite a cult classic over the years. Admittedly, I didn’t remember much about this one when I saw it on home video back in the 90’s, but upon revisiting it now, I found myself enjoying this straight to the point quirky comedy about a man who just wants to get out of the ever changing NY. In some ways, “Quick Change” is sort of the 90’s version of “After Hours.” Both are cult films in which the characters essentially go through hell in a surrealistic manner in NY. The major difference here is that this Jay Cronley book based movie adapted for the screen by Howard Franklin is a sort of heist and getaway comedy. Obviously, I am leaving out major events that happen as I don’t want to spoil what unfolds. The film is best seen knowing as little as possible.

Bill Murray, Randy Quaid, Geena Davis, and Jason Robards may be the main stars, but the supporting cast is filled with celebs (or actors who go on to be stars) such as Tony Shaloub, Stanley Tucci, Phil Hartman, and Kurtwood Smith. Murray is fantastic here in a more understated role than usual. Sure he’s cracking wise, but this is a more grounded character for him. Geena Davis shines in her role as does the always reliable Jason Robards as the Police Chief. Randy Quaid is, well, Randy Quaid. He’s as over-the-top as you’d expect him to be but it works here as it did in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (although that is arguably his best role).


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. The colors are slightly washed out, but this is still a clean new hi-def transfer that will undoubtedly please fans.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This is a crisp 2.0 track that does the job.

The lone extra is a “Quick Change” trailer.

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