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The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book Review

“The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book” is essential for Alex Ross and Marvel fans.

Fans of one of the most renowned comic book artists in Alex Ross can rejoice as Abrams ComicArts are putting out a new book that celebrates his majestic artwork. The book in question is the aptly named “The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book.”

Within these pages are 35 removable posters (all of which can be framed) of legendary characters such as Iron Man, Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Falcon, Spider-Man and so many more. Each poster features a stunning image of the character on one side with the back side containing a character label and comments from Alex Ross himself. As an added bonus, there is a giant foldable mural poster featuring all of the characters grouped together. An intro by Alex Ross who discusses the mural, the characters he chose, his art style, and references is also included at the beginning of the book.

There have been many amazing comic artists like Jack Kirby and Will Eisner, but Alex Ross might be my personal favorite. His painting style is uniquely his own, but more than that, each of his pieces looks like a stunning work of art. His glossy images are certainly worth a thousand words. I love that each character looks more emotive and dare I say real as it gives the character a new light (literally). Even in the images here you really see the anger of The Punisher, the strength of Storm and the heroism of Captain America just in their individual poses. 

It’s a treat to get comments from Ross on each of the posters as well as he discusses character history, his views on characters, Jack Kirby, Mister Fantastic being his favorite character, character poses, the influence Spider-Man had on his career and much more.

The only nitpick I have is that some images are cut off on pages. For instance, Doctor Strange’s cloak spills over onto another page so if you were to frame the Strange image, his cloak would be cut off as the other part of the cloak is on another poster. A strange choice to be sure (pun intended).

“The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book” will be released April 6, 2021

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