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Wonder Showzen- The Complete Series DVD Review

“Wonder Showzen” is wildly uneven but also wildly funny.

2005’s “Wonder Showzen” is a spoof of educational children’s shows like “Sesame Street,” but this show is most certainly not for kids. Yes, it may feature kids and puppets and explore topics like birth, freedom of speech, race, gender, religion, body image, fears, time, and TV, but it does so in very demented ways. Throughout the two season 16 episode series, viewers are plunged into a madcap series filled with wildly inappropriate songs, advice, and news along with rude characters, crude humor, cursing, and violence. Each episode has a basic narrative story with numerous segments spliced in throughout such as cartoons, on the street material, Q&A segments, and more. 

MTV’s “Wonder Showzen” is not the type of series that would likely ever be made today. It’s outrageous and blasphemous as can be and is sure to offend many, many people. With that said, it can also be a laugh riot (especially if you are amused by kids saying the darnedest things). Season 1 in particular has the show’s best moments with the Q&A (kids having dark answers to seemingly innocent questions), Beat Kids (an on the street segment) and We Went To… (a deranged sort of MST3K style commentary on stock footage from the kids) segments providing the most laughs.

As with any comedy series, however, it can certainly be hit-and-miss. The Clarence puppet interviews are annoying (just as annoying as those Clarence annoys in the show to be honest) and season 2 is all over the place with the self-referential “Cooperation,” the “Hee Haw” knockoff episode “Mathematics” which features an episode of the faux show “Horse Apples,” the “making good TV” series finale. Flaws aside, “Wonder Showzen” is worth seeking out for those seeking bold out there shows that aren’t afraid to push boundaries.


Presentation: 4:3. How does it look? Expect a standard DVD transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 2.0. How does it sound? The 2.0 track is solid throughout.

* 4 bizarre commentaries on season 1. One Stephen Hawking esque one by Screamin’ Steven J. Hawkins on “Space,” a PFFR band on “DIversity,” one by actor Dick Gregory on “Nature,” one by author Gordon Lish on “Patience” which takes some weird turns.
* Auditions and outtakes for the child actors.
* 4 minutes of promos and a PFFR music video.
* Season 2 sneak peek
* Deleted scene with Flavor Flav
* Outtakes of Clarence and the “Beat Kids” segment.
* commentaries on season 2. One serious commentary by Professor Michio Kaku on “Time” and one featuring an interview with Screamin’ Steven J. Hawkins and Professor Samantha Power on “Justice”
* An extra on the “Knowledge” episode with focus group members watching the episode.
* PSA and Daymares promos
* Deleted scenes and outtakes.
* Clarence and “Beat Kids” outtakes.
* 8 easter eggs.
* “Mish-Mosh”- Studio outtakes


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