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Vanguard Blu-ray Review

“Vanguard” is a cartoony Chinese action flick.

After Omar (leader of the terrorist outfit Brothers of Vengeance) hires the mercenary organization Arctic Wolves (led by Bruto) to kidnap the man (Qin) who knows where his late fathers money is, a private security squad known as Vanguard is brought in to save the Qin family. The kidnapping attempt is botched, but they soon target Qin’s daughter Fareeda which creates a new sort of problems. Will Omar get what he wants or can Vanguard members Kaixuan, Lei, Miya and Tang save the day?

It’s clear that director Stanley Tong’s “Vanguard” was an attempt at creating a new franchise, but I doubt that will happen as this Jackie Chan starring action vehicle brings nothing new to the table. The globe trotting adventure wants so desperately to be like James Bond and Fast and Furious but it’s not. From an action perspective, the movie is nothing if not action packed. You certainly can’t fault it for being dull as it’s filled to the brim with martial arts, shootouts, big stunts, and car chases. Alas, that’s all there is as the characterization is minimal and the story is basically nothing more than one long chase. 

“Vanguard” also suffers from lackluster direction by Stanley Tong. The action is often shaky and full of quick cut edits which is annoying to watch. The decision to create some truly godawful CGI and cheeseball moments (the lions, hyenas, hoverboard rip-off and gold cars come to mind) is equally baffling. Seriously, they will make you shake your head because they are that ridiculous.

I doubt anyone will be looking at this movie for award worthy performances, but the entire cast is game for the movie. Jackie Chan, Miya Muqi and Yang Yang are particularly impressive during action sequences.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? The cinematography may not be much, but the hi-def transfer is solid.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA Mandarin and English Dub. How does it sound? The audio track delivers a pleasant loud experience.

Extras include a Digital copy and a making of featurette.

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