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Cherry Movie Review

Tom Holland can’t save “Cherry.”

Taking place over a 5 year period (2002-2007), “Cherry” revolves around the titular young man who starts out as a college student that falls in love with a fellow student (Emily). After Emily announces her intentions to move to Canada to go to college, a distraught Cherry decides to join the Army. Before Emily is aware of Cherry’s decision, she changes her mind about leaving, but Cherry is on his way becoming an Army Medic. While in Iraq, Cherry is forever changed and his return home proves to be a difficult one as his relationship with Emily becomes strained. Worse still, he and Emily become addicted to drugs and turn to a life of crime in order to feed their habit.

After their extraordinary work in the MCU, film fans have been curious to see what the Russo Brothers would do next. Well, we have the answer now in the form of 2021’s stylized “Cherry.” Unfortunately, I doubt there will be much fervor over this bloated 140 minute drama which plays like a cross between “Full Metal Jacket,” “Goodfellas,” and “Requiem For A Dream.” While I applaud Anthony and Joe Russo trying something different, the Angela Russo-Otstot and Jessica Goldberg scripted “Cherry” is a sprawling mess about life, addiction, toxicity, PTSD, young love, and societal problems. Granted, it may intentionally be unwieldy because, well, that’s life, but as a cautionary tale cinematic story, it feels like an amalgam of other better films we’ve seen before that involve downward spirals, destructive lifestyles, warped romance, mental health, the horrors of war, and light at the end of a tunnel.

Some critics have said that Tom Holland is miscast here but I completely disagree on that front. In fact, he’s the only reason the movie stays afloat. The talented actor really shows his range here in an edgier and more dysfunctional role than we are used to seeing him in. He really commits to the role both physically and mentally. Outside of Holland, Ciara Bravo (Emily) and the always underrated Jack Reynor (who should have a bigger career) also turn in fine performances.

“Cherry” will be released March 12 on Apple+ and in theaters Feb. 26.

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