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Betty White’s Pet Set DVD Review

“Betty White’s Pet Set” comes to DVD.

After being considered a lost show, “Betty White’s Pet Set” (AKA “The Pet Set”) has been found and given a home video release. This 6 disc set includes 39 episodes of the weekly 70’s half-hour talk show. The format of the series, for those that don’t know, finds host Betty White talking to (and joking with) celebrities who bring their own pets (mostly dogs). Throughout the show, there will be other animal guests with their trainers (from chimps to elephants) who may have skills and or tricks. The history of certain animals is also a topic that comes up at times.

Produced by Betty White and her husband Allan Ludden, “Betty White’s Pet Set” is a bit of a refreshing change of pace from the normal talk show. Sure, there are guests such as Vincent Price, Rod Serling, Doris Day, Mary Tyler Moore, James Stewart, Burt Reynolds, Beverly Garland, Carol Burnett and more promoting their work, but the conversations tend to center around their pets. To say animal lovers will treasure this show is an understatement. Not only do you get to see a wide variety of animals, but you get to see them do fun things (the painting chimp eating paint in the Vincent Price episode comes to mind). 

Betty White is as charming as ever as the host although she can understandably get a bit distracted at times by the unpredictable actions of animals. At the same time, seeing White get thrown off her game and not knowing what will happen is part of the appeal of this show. 


Presentation: 4:3. How does it look? The print is faded and flawed, but it’s just a miracle this show was found at all.

Audio Track: Unspecified. How does it sound? The audio isn’t going to wow anyone but it does the job.

* “Betty And The Pets” photo gallery
* “The Pet Set” promo spots and MPI promos.
* Betty Public Service spots.
* “Betty White’s Pet Set: Behind The Scenes”- A new 25 minute featurette on the show and Betty White that also includes interviews.
* “Betty White: Game Show Goddess”- Episodes of Betty White guesting on “Password,” “What’s My Line,” “The Price Is Right,” and “Make The Connection.”
* “Queen of Television”- A featurette on Betty White’s TV career (clips included).
* “Life With Elizabeth” and “Date With The Angels” – An episode of each TV series.
* “Betty And Allen”- Sketches with the couple from “The Peter Marshall Variety Show”


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