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Archenemy Blu-ray Review

“Archenemy” is not so super.

“Archenemy” is an interconnected story involving a wannabe journalist content creator (Hamster), his drug dealing sister (Indigo) who wants a better life for the two of them, and an alleged hero from another universe who stopped his archenemy (Cleo) and wound up on the Earth we know without his powers (Max Fist). While Hamster meets Max and wants to do a story on him even, Indigo gets in trouble with her boss The Manager. Max ends up saving Indigo and Hamster and vows to take out The Manager and his goons who may or may not be working for someone else entirely.

Written and directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, “Archenemy” is yet another attempt at subverting superhero stories. Ambitious as it may be, it’s ultimately a convoluted and exposition filled sci-fi movie. To be fair, the “Hancock” esque movie is full of big ideas about storytelling, reality, heroism, class, mental health, but Mortimer doesn’t do much with any of the concepts presented. Even the ending feels rushed and underwhelming here. Not only does Mortimer (who is best known for horror fare like “Daniel Isn’t Real”) seem out of his element, but his vision is severely hampered by a low-budget. “Archenemy” is very much a small scale movie with a bigger scale script and ideas. This is especially evident in the shoddy comic book style animated sequences that are included in order to avoid pricey FX sequences.

The saving grace here is star Joe Manganiello who plays Max. The actor is very committed to the part and does the best he can to carry the movie despite taking on a character that is in need of greater depth.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. Grade: B+

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: B+

Extras include RLJE Films trailers and a making of featurette.

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