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Man Push Cart Criterion Blu-ray Review

“Man Push Cart” is a moving cinematic tale.

In 2005’s “Man Push Cart,” the story revolves around a Pakistani man named Ahmad who spends his days working as a vendor for a coffee and pastry push cart in Manhattan. Although he is focused on his business (and owning the cart), Ahmad is clearly lonely and has lost much in his life including his former career as a rock star and his wife. He does have a son but the situation is complicated. Things start to look up for Ahmad when he meets a Pakistani man (Mohammad) who might have connections to resurrect his music career. Furthermore, he also begins to bond with a hispanic newsstand woman (Noemi). Will the good fortune last or will everything come crashing down?

Written and directed by Ramin Bahrani, “Man Push Cart” feels like a distinctly NY story that is also heavily influenced by Italian Neorealism films such as “The Bicycle Thieves.” It’s a very grounded cinematic tale that could conceivably be passed off as a documentary because it looks and feels so authentic. With this style, Bahrani’s intimate movie feels that much more emotional as we (the audience) follow Ahmad on his heartbreaking journey through life as a man who is hustling and working to get by.

Speaking of Ahmad, actor Ahmad Razvi deserves much praise for his work. This was Razvi’s feature length debut and it’s certainly one for the ags. He gives such a quiet, subtle performance in which he says so much just with his body language.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? The hi-def digital master gives the print more clarity.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Viewers can expect a crisp audio experience.

* “Man Push Cart” trailer
* A booklet featuring credits and an essay by writer Bilge Ebiri.
* “Backgammon”- A short film by Ramin Bahrani about a girl and her grandfather playing the titular game
* A newly recorded 24 minute conversation with Ramin Bahrani, Ahmad Razvi and Nicholas Elliott in which the 3 discuss making the film, their collaboration, and more.
* “The Formation Of A Filmmaker”- A new 19 minute interview between Ramin Bahrani and film critic Hamid Dabashi that mainly touches on the director’s influences and his own work.
* A 2005 commentary by Ramin Bahrani, Michael Simmonds, Nicholas Elliott and Ahmad Razvi.


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