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Breach DVD Review

“Breach” doesn’t have an original bone in its body.

Set in 2242, the Earth is being ravaged by a plague and a select few have been chosen to board the U.S.S. Hercules to head to New Earth. Most of the crew are cryogenically frozen for the trip, but not the essential personnel. As you might guess, a disaster occurs on board when a parasite begins to kill and infect crew members. Will anyone be able to survive?

Stop me if you have heard this before- a creature is wreaking havoc onboard a starship.  Sounds like “Alien” and countless other rip-offs, but this is the premise of 2020’s “Breach.” As you might surmise, there is not an original idea present within this utterly generic low-budget sci-fi creature feature from director John Suits and writers Corey Large and Edward Drake. It would be one thing if the movie was fun, stylish, or action-packed, but it’s none of that. The production design is virtually non-existent, the visuals resemble that of a cheap TV movie, the weapons look like dollar store material, the action often looks like footage from a gymnastics class with all the leaping infected people, and the creature/infected people are poor imitations of similar works.

“Breach” clearly banks on the star material to get views, but not even the cast can save it. The lead actor Cody Kearsley looks out of his element. Thomas Jane is barely in it at all and the film suffers from it. Rachel Nichols is perhaps the only one taking the gig seriously, but her talents are utterly wasted. For once Bruce Willis shows some personality here as a hardass, jackass, booze guzzling mechanic. That’s a plus…I guess?


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? I don’t know if this is present on other copies, but the transfer on the disc I reviewed had some bad artifacts in the final 15 or so minutes.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? This 5.1 track does the job.

The lone extra is a Digital copy.

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