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Toys Of Terror DVD Review

“Toys Of Terror“ is better than you’d think it would be.

Directed by Nicholas Verso and written by comedian/actor/screenwriter Dana Gould, “Toys Of Terror” is a Christmas horror movie about Hannah, David, their 3 children (Alicia, Franklin and Zoe) and nanny Rose venturing to an old former children’s clinic turned Victorian home. With the help of a contractor, Hannah and David are planning to fix up the house and flip it, but in the meantime, the family is staying there for the holidays. In typical horror movie fashion, the house is far from an ideal spot as it has a dark past and, oh yea, killer toys.

At first glance, one might think “Toys Of Terror” would be another throwaway schlocky horror movie, but the combined talents of Verso and Gould elevate this film above the usual horror fare. Yes, ‘Toys’ could have used a bit more comedy and horror with the toy hijinks, but the family drama and the character of Rose (played by Georgia Waters who gives the best performance here) have enough poignant moments to care about the characters (although I don’t know why the parents and Rose kept leaving the children alone time and time again). Additionally, the ghost element (while perhaps underplayed) gives the movie a bit more depth to the story.

I’m sure many people will be checking the movie out for the title alone and the toy stuff doesn’t disappoint even though there could and should have been more toy sequences. We all know killer toy movies are certainly nothing new as we’ve seen the likes of the “Child’s Play” and “Demonic Toys” series and “Dolls” before, but “Toys Of Terror” takes a retro approach by including stop-motion animation work for the toys in the vein of a Rankin/Bass production. The old school effects are effective and separate this from the usual bad CGI junk we so much of these days. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a killer toy monkey and a He-Man esque action figure after all?

Overall Thoughts: I have no idea why this is being released in January instead of December, but “Toys Of Terror” is better than it probably has any right to be. It sure beats another sappy Lifetime holiday movie.


Presentation: Widescreen. Grade: B

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. Grade: B+

* Trailers for “Deep Blue Sea 3” and “Snatchers.”
* “Toys Of Terror Come To Life”- A featurette on the stop-motion animation.
* “A Terrifying Weekend: Making Of Toys Of Terror”- A standard featurette that contains interviews, set footage, film clips, and discussions about the film and production.

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