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Holiday Affair Blu-ray Review

“Holiday Affair” should be more well known.

In 1949’s “Holiday Affair,” the holiday set story revolves around a widowed mother/comparison shopper (Connie), her son Timmy, Connie’s safe lawyer boyfriend (Carl) and a kind hearted department store worker (Steve). Carl wants to marry Connie, but she is unsure about it. The situation becomes even more complicated when Steve develops feelings for her.

If you’re seeking out a Christmas movie you haven’t seen hundreds of times, scope out director Don Hartman’s “Holiday Affair.” For whatever reason, it has yet to become a household name even though it clearly deserves more attention. While it may not be on the level of something like “It’s A Wonderful Life,” the talky, romantic, character centric drama-comedy is a heartfelt movie about love, family, change, and the joy of giving. It’s much more than a mere Christmas film, but the Christmas backdrop is nonetheless integral to the story.

The cast elevates this movie as a whole. Robert Mitchum is primarily known for tough guy roles, but here he plays a gentle, down to earth man Steve who falls in love. Janet Leigh really shines here as a widowed mother who is stuck in a love triangle and is uncertain of what to do in life. Wendell Corey also plays well off of the main cast as the love struck lawyer who wants to settle down. While perhaps a little irritating in spots, Gordon Gebert is believable as the angsty, train loving son of Connie named Timmy.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How does it look? This classic has been given a crisp and clear B&W print.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The 2.0 track is a little snowy but satisfactory.

Extras include a theatrical trailer and a 1950 Lux Radio Theater radio drama version of “Holiday Affair.”

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