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Beverly Hills Cop 4K UHD Review

“Beverly Hills Cop” is an action comedy classic.

Earlier in the year Paramount released the Beverly Hills Cop trilogy in an impressive Blu-ray set, but many were left wondering when the films (or at the very least the first film) were going to hit 4K. Wonder no more as the 1984 original is hitting 4K at long last.

Director Martin Brest’s “Beverly Hills Cop” is not a complex film by any means. The beauty of writer Daniel Petrie Jr.’s script is in its simplicity. It’s the story of a rash Detroit cop (Axel Foley) who ventures to Beverly Hills to investigate the murder of a friend. What makes the film so rewarding is the humor and the characters. The story may be basic, but everything surrounding it is so memorable. Let’s start with the characters. Obviously, Axel Foley is an iconic character. Eddie Murphy is at his best here as Axel as he perfectly balances the dramatic and comedic moments. Whether he’s laughing or gettin down to business, the wisecracking and dedicated Axel is always engaging. It would be easy for Murphy to overshine everyone else, but thankfully the supporting cast is just as wonderful. Sgt. Taggart (John Ashton) and Detective Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) have great chemistry together and play off of Eddie Murphy exceedingly well. The same goes for as veteran actor Ronny Cox Lt. Bogomil. Of course, I couldn’t neglect Bronson Pinchot as the fan favorite, scene stealing Serge.

Comedy wise, there’s just so much here that will make you laugh heartily and smile. From Axel’s elaborate lies to the legendary banana in the tailpipe bit, it’s near impossible not to overjoyed by the film’s humorous moments.

Another noteworthy aspect of BHC is the soundtrack. Not only is Harold Faltermeyer’s score forever etched into our brains, but the soundtrack is full of earworm gems like The Pointer Sisters’ “Neutron Dance” (which is constantly stuck in my head), Glenn Frey’s seminal “The Heat Is On,” and Patti LaBelle’s toe tapping numbers “Stir It Up” and “New Attitude.”


Presentation: Widescreen 2160p. How does it look? Expect impressive picture quality with rich colors. Note: HDR10 and Dolby Vision are included.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This 4K includes the same track as the Blu-ray release. The lack of an Atmos or 7.1 track is disappointing, but the 5.1 still delivers.

* Blu-ray copy
* Digital copy
* “Beverly Hills Cop” theatrical trailer.
* “BHC Mixtape ‘84”- A feature that allows viewers to jump to 6 songs.
* A solo commentary by director Martin Brest.
* Isolated score
* “Behind The Scenes: 1984 Interviews”- A 4 part bonus feature that contains cast interviews from the set.
* Self-explanatory featurettes “The Music Of Beverly Hills Cop” and “A Glimpse Inside The Casting Process.”
* A map of shooting locations.
* A 29 minute featurette titled “Beverly Hills Cop: The Phenomenon Begins.”
* 2 deleted scenes

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