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The Art Of Star Wars: The Mandalorian Book Review

“The Art Of Star Wars: The Mandalorian” continues the streak of great art books. 

With Season 2 in full swing, Abrams has wisely released a new tie-in book with “The Art Of Star Wars: The Mandalorian” (which covers the first season). The book kicks off with a foreword by the man of many titles Doug Chiang (co-producer, design supervisor, Lucasfilm VP, and executive creative director). who talks about SW and art development for Mando. After that, we dive into the Phil Szostak written pieces that are, of course, accompanied by a mass amount of concept art (a good chunk of which is seen in the end credits of episodes), storyboard sketches, sculpts, layout sketches, and even Dave Filoni sketches. The images also contain notes and author labels. In terms of the written content, Szostak provides a background history on the project, the inspirations for it, the creative choices by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, quotes from those involved in the project, the pitch, the pre-production and production process, the tone and style that was decided upon, the vision for the show, and great insight into the overall development process. The book closes out with an index and acknowledgments. 

Anyone who has ever picked up an Art of Star Wars book before knows how special they are. Not only do you get to see dazzling full page/two page spreads by artists such as Nick Gindraux, Doug Chiang, Jama Jurabaev, Brian Matyas, Ryan Church, Christian Alzmann and other talented folks, but you get to see just how much the art department influences what we seen on screen. The art department has been so invaluable to the Star Wars universe since the beginning with Ralph McQuarrie’s masterful pieces and that legacy continues on with a new generation of artists. 

As one might expect, readers get to see a wealth of imagery of the titular character, environments, IG-11, Razor Crest, Kuiil, The Blacksmith, Moff Gideon, and of course, The Child AKA Baby Yoda. As per usual, some of the most interesting content here are the alternate “what might have been” art pieces of ships, costumes, creatures, weaponry, terrains. The displays of the Walrus Monster, Riot Mar, and The Child are particularly noteworthy here. Equally compelling are the written pieces and image captions which reveal all sorts of fascinating tidbits such as Ralph McQuarrie art inspiring the Reptavians, the bar interior art being inspired by Quint’s shack in Jaws, Filoni’s thoughts on The Force, “Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid” influencing the bandit hideout, and so much more. I’m not going to spoil anything else as you simply need to read it for yourself.

“The Art Of Star Wars: The Mandalorian” hits shelves December 1, 2020.

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