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The X-Files: The Official Archives Book Review

The truth is out there…in this book.

Written by Paul Terry, “The X-Files: The Official Archives” (AKA  “The X-Files: The Official Archives- Cryptids, Biological Anomalies, And Parapsychic Phenomena”) is an in universe book in which Special Agent Leyla Harrison collects 50 cases of the X-files as authorized by Walter Skinner. The “cases” cover episodes from 1993 to 2018. Heck, even “The X-Files: I Want To Believe” movie gets a mention here. In terms of the content, expect the Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, John Doggett and Monica Reyes case files to contain the likes of FBI reports, transcripts, photos, newspaper clippings, notes, drawings, arrest reports, autopsies, redacted material, photographic evidence, maps, records, applications, letters, and articles.

“The X-Files” series may be over for the time being, but thankfully this thick hardcover book provides a great way to immerse yourself in the X-files universe in a whole new way. Sometimes in universe books can be pretty goofy, but this is far and away one of the coolest I’ve seen. It may not be a comprehensive collection or anything, but it feels like genuine archival material from the show and you can’t really ask for anything more from a book like this. Rest assured, a lot of the fan favorites are covered within these pages like Tooms, the Flukeman, the Peacocks, the Millennium Group and even the recent freaky The Band-Aid Nose Man. There’s a strong emphasis on the early seasons though to be honest (which I don’t think too many fans will have an issue with).

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this book is just how deep it goes to “preserve the truth” as it were. You get deep cuts like an airbag analysis by Mulder, the burnt remains of “The Great Mutato” comic book cover, a Reverend Mackey flyer, and that’s just scratching the surface. Readers and fans alike can expect some in-depth field reports, gruesome pictures, and field sketches as well. 

Basically, if you’re an X-files fanatic, this book is as good as it gets. You will most certainly want to add this to your Christmas list if you haven’t ordered it already.

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