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The Best Of Cher DVD Review

Cher fans will be delighted by The Best Of Cher DVD set.

In this 2 volume 9 disc set, viewers got a plethora of Cher content. First up is 10 episodes of the short-lived 1975 variety show “Cher” which features guest stars such as Elton John, The Jackson 5, Ray Charles, The Muppets, Bette Midler, Carol Burnett, Liberace, Teri Garr, Linda Ronstadt, among others. 

After that there are 2 specials “Cher…Special” (1978) and “Cher…And Other Fantasies” (1979) both of which feature big guest stars (notably Dolly Parton from the first and Lucille Ball and Andy Kaufman from the second), impressive elaborate sets, and weird musical numbers. “Cher…Special” even includes “West Side Story” and “Saturday Night Fever” sequences.

Following the specials are 2 concerts- one 18 track 90 minute show from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (Aug 28. 1999) and the other is the 11 track 48 minute Live at the Mirage from Feb. 4 1991.

Last, but not least is “Dear Mom, Love Cher” which is a 2013 documentary film about Cher’s family that includes Cher, her mother Georgia Holt, Cher’s own children among others.

Since Cher broke into the entertainment biz, she has made quite a name for herself as a star musician, an entertainer, a TV personality, an award winning actress, and a style/fashion icon. With this new Time Life DVD set, you get to see the many forms of Cher from her own TV show, her energetic concerts, and a documentary about her life (not to mention all the extra features within this set listed below). 

With her TV show you basically get a standard dated variety series that isn’t quite on par with the beloved “Sonny And Cher.” While it is fun to see Cher as different characters and personas, the sketches tend to fall flat (even with the guest stars). There are exceptions, of course, like the hilarious bit with Kermit The Frog and Cher and anything with Lily Tomlin. A lot of the time the series seems to be more of a fashion show with sex appeal as Cher dons tons of wild outfits. The series is at its best when it focuses on music. Whether Cher is singing on her own, having a duet with Elton John, singing with The Jackson 5 or just hearing other artists perform solo (like Ray Charles), there’s some truly electric numbers on display here. 

The 2 specials are all over the place in terms of content and often feel like strange avant garde productions, but the lavish sets and guest stars do grab your attention.

The 2 concerts are easily the best inclusions here as you get to see Cher in her elemen singing in various outfits under big lights on grand stages. The 1991 show is short, but sweet and has a memorable rendition of “If I Could Turn Back Time,” but the 1999 show is a visual extravaganza that closes out with her monster hit “Believe” (yes, that song that really gets stuck in your head).

For those wanting to know about Cher’s personal life you have the “Dear Mom, Love Cher” documentary. It’s a very sweet and enlightening generational family story. 

You can order this set from the Time Life website here: https://timelife.com/products/the-best-of-cher

Note: An 18 disc version is also available


Presentation: Fullscreen for everything but “Dear Mom, Love Cher” which is widescreen. How does it look? The episodes themselves look decent, but the Vegas concert and the recent documentary are far and away the best in terms of video quality. 

Audio Track: Unspecified Audio. How does it sound? The concerts and the documentary sound the best here audio wise, but don’t expect anything with mindblowing sound quality. 

* A booklet featuring art, photos, an intro by Bob Mackie, written pieces about the partnership of Cher and Bob Mackie and a guide to each disc’s contents.
* A “Cher” CBS promo interview with Bob Mackie.
* Separate interviews with Lily Tomlin, Cher, and exec producer George Schlatter
* “Cher Then And Now”- A 12 minute retrospective extra that looks at Cher’s career. An interview with Cher is included.
* “The Dick Cavett Show”- A 10 minute interview between Cher and Dick Cavett in 1975
* Cher’s appearance on the “Dinah!” talk show.
* Live At The Mirage extras- a 36 minute rehearsal, alternate opening, blooper, tour TV commercial, backstage home movies, I survived the 1990 tour tape, a “Heart of Stone” performance from NJ, bonus songs (“Baby Hold On” and “Tougher Than The Rest”) with rehearsals and added performances of these 2 songs from the Heart of Stone tour.
* A Cher interview about the 1999 Believe Tour.
* Cher’s Super Bowl XXXIII National Anthem
* “Superstars And Their Moms”- A 7 minute segment from 1987 with Cher and her mom.
* Cher’s 2018 appearance on “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

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