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Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars: Battle Tales #1 Comic Book Review


The debut issue of “Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars: Battle Tales” is a solid extension of the series.

Now that “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” has wrapped up, IDW is keeping its legacy alive with a new 5 issue series titled “Star wars Adventures: The Clone Wars: Battle Tales” (try saying that 5 times fast). In the first issue, the pre-Battle of Christophsis story takes place on the Planet Hisseen which is in danger of falling to Separatist forces. Clone troopers (led by Commander Cody and Captain Rex) are struggling to fight off battle droids, but get some relief when Plo Koon, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrive. However, it remains unclear if they can even save the Planet.

Elsewhere in the story there is a flashback to the Planet Benglor where Anakin and Captain Rex are investigating Separatist activity but come across a deadly creature. This story is meant to show Anakin’s loyalty to the Clone Troopers and how he never leaves anyone behind. 

Written by Michael Moreci, the first issue of this arc feels like a pretty basic Clone Wars story and that’s perfectly OK. The fact that it feels like the series is what matters most here. Granted, the story itself feels like a retread of something we have already seen before, but I think devoted Clone Wars fans will just be happy to spend more time with these characters. Besides, perhaps there will be more twists and turns in the following issues.

Artists Derek Charm and Arianna Florean + Mario Del Pennino split the duties here (while colorists Luis Antonio Delgado and Valentina Taddeo split their duties as well). The colorful art style is very much in the vein of the colorful “Star Wars Adventures” and not so much the series itself. The flashback section, however, has a different art style and is more manga influenced. It was a nice change of pace for “Star Wars Adventures.”

The comic concludes with a cover art gallery and ads for other Star Wars IDW comics.

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