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Le Madre, El Hijo Y La Abuela DVD Review


“Le Madre, El Hijo Y La Abuela” is lacking.

In “Le Madre, El Hijo Y La Abuela” (which translates to “The Mother, The Son And The Grandmother” in English), the story revolves around a young man named Cristobal who ventures to his hometown of Chaiten in Chile. You see, the area had been decimated by a volcano and he’s photographing everything for a project. While this is going on, he ponders his own roots and who his parents were as he was adopted. While out and about, he eventually stays with a stressed out woman/mother (Ana) who is taking care of her ill stubborn grandmother (Maria). During his stay, Cristobal livens up there lives and forms a connection with the two. 

Written and directed by Benjamin Brunet, “Le Madre, El Hijo Y La Abuela” is a minimalistic and sometimes dry Chilean indie movie about family, love, and change. While the film deserves credit for its unique setting, the arty approach to the movie hampers it. This is the type of movie that dwells on a shot of an old woman moaning and saying her daughter’s name in bed for minutes on end. In fact, there are a lot of long shots, wordless scenes, and familial squabbles that are sure to be grating to some viewers. 

As ambitious as the story may be in terms of the themes, the character arcs leave you wanting more. There’s something about Cristobal’s arc that particularly feels unsatisfactory as if we’re only seeing a part of his story. Granted, that may be intentional, but in the context of the movie, it feels quite underdeveloped.


Presentation: 2.39:1. How does it look? Although the cinematography is uneven (sometimes the movie looks picturesque and other times it’s a visual mess), the picture quality is solid enough for a DVD.

Audio Track: Spanish Stereo. How does it sound? Sadly, this is a rather low quality track.

Extras include a screening link for “Entre Nos” and a trailer for “Le Madre, El Hijo Y La Abuela.”

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