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Star Wars: Queen’s Peril Book Review


“Star Wars: Queen’s Peril” is another winner from E.K. Johnston.

In this prequel to “Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow” (one of the best books of the new canon), author E.K. Johnston once again explores the character of Padmé. This time around the story begins during the day of her election as Queen Amidala of Naboo and continues on up through the end of “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” Among the key storylines included here are the appointment of her handmaidens Sabé, Rabé, Yané, Saché and Eirtaé, monarchy traditions, security protocols and set-ups, the growing disputes with the trade Federation, trade negotiations with other planets, the formation of Senator Palpatine’s long con, Royal Security Force head Quarsh Panaka and his wife Mariek, and the culture of Naboo. 

Despite lacking the depth of “Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow,” “Star Wars: Queen’s Peril” is nonetheless a worthy companion piece that further explores the bond between the Queen and her handmaidens while also filling in gaps. For instance, during the events of Episode 1, instead of seeing the Queen’s perspective (which we already know from the film), we (the reader) learn about the events that transpired on Naboo while the Queen was away and see the story from the perspectives of certain handmaidens. 

Much of the book, however, is about foreshadowing as the author checks in on characters prior to Episode 1 taking place while also alluding to the dark future that lays ahead for the heroes and the galaxy at large. Without spoiling anything, I will say there are a few surprise appearances and even some hefty characterization to supporting characters like Captain Panaka (who is in this book a fair amount).

“Queen’s Peril” is certainly at its best when it focuses on the dynamic between Padmé  and Sabé, Rabé, Yané, Saché and Eirtaé. Their bonding, chemistry, and teamwork is the heart of the novel and is easily the most engaging part of an otherwise light story. It’s especially rewarding to see how each of their handmaiden positions and unique skills come into play. 

Overall Thoughts: Basic story aside, I’m always down for more prequel era stories. As such, I recommend checking out “Star Wars: Queen’s Peril” (especially if you treasured “Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow”).

“Star Wars: Queen’s Peril” hits shelves June 2, 2020

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