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Beastars Volume 4 Manga Review


“Beastars” continues to grow with each volume.

In the fourth volume of writer/artist Paru Itagaki’s “Beastars” manga series, tensions begin to rise. Not only are there growing tensions between the carnivores and herbivores, but there’s also romantic tension as well. The “relationship” between Haru and Louis is explored more as is Legoshi’s troublesome crush on Haru. Meanwhile, Juno desires Legoshi and also hopes to be the next Beastar. Other key storylines here include the looming Meteor Festival (and preparations for it), the dark past of Louis, and a planned attack on someone. The manga concludes with Juno character design notes, a page about responsible mating practices, and a 2 page bonus story centered on Els.

If I had to use one word to describe volume 4 it would be “secrets.” Louis is harboring dark secrets, Legoshi’s secrets are consuming him, certain carnivores are hiding something dangerous, and so on and so forth. Things are becoming heated at Cherryton Academy and, if the cliffhanger ending is any indication, things are only going to get worse and potentially more violent.

As with the previous volumes, Paru Itagaki’s exploration of animal instincts and race is really what makes “Beastars” so captivating. Sure, the world building and character drama is engrossing in and of itself, but the way she dives into the animal centric subjects that also mirror real world human issues is both clever and creative. 

Speaking of creative, Itagaki’s artwork also continues to flourish. From the individual character designs to the page spanning pieces, the art will draw the reader in just as much as the story being told.

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