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The Point Blu-ray Review


“The Point” is a poignant animated film.

Thanks to the MVD Rewind Collection, 1971’s animated musical “The Point” has received a new Blu-ray release. Directed and animated by Fred Wolf, the story is told through the framework of a father (voiced by Ringo Starr) telling his son a tale about a world in which everything is pointed. One day, however, a child (Oblio) with a round head is born into this universe. Given that he doesn’t look like anyone else, he becomes an outcast and is apparently illegal due to the rules of the law that EVERYTHING must have a point. A villainous count manages to banish Oblio and his dog pal Arrow to the Pointless Forest where he encounters other lifeforms, lifestyles, and life altering experiences.

Although the animation may seem funky and crude by some standards, “The Point” is nonetheless a trippy and affecting tale about being unique, individuality, and having a purpose. Sure, it may not exactly be remotely subtle, but so what? The movie’s positivity and Oblio’s wild adventures are more than enough to grab your attention from start to finish. 

The real star of this animated feature is musician Harry Nilsson who wrote the songs, sang them, created the story and produced the film. His songs are truly the heart and soul of the film in that they both tell a story and are used as a narrative device. On top of that, many of the songs are just downright catchy. You’ll be hard pressed not to have “The Town” and “Me and My Arrow” stuck in your head on a loop.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How does it look? The 2K transfer is not the best as there is a fair amount of lines, grain, and dirt, but this is still probably the best print on home video. 

Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0. How does it sound? They’re a little off in spots, but solid enough.

* A mini poster
* Trailers for “The Point,” “Getting Even With Dad” and “Savannah Smiles.”
* “Nilsson On Screen”- A Nilsson biographer (among others) talk about Harry Nilsson’s life and career in this expansive 61 minute extra.
* The original claymation animation sequence that inspired “The Point.”
* Separate interviews with Oblio voice actor Mike Lookinland, screenwriter Norm Lenzer, musicians Kiefo Nilsson and Bobby Halvorson
* “Who Is Harry Nilsson?”- A bio slideshow accompanied by music and a few brief interviews.
* “Pitching The Point”- Discussions about the pre-production work and pitch.
* “Making The Point”- The title says it all.
* “Legacy Of The Point”- A featurette on the film’s legacy and enduring soundtrack. 

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