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R2-D2 Is Lost! Book Review


“R2-D2 Is Lost!” is short and sweet.

Written by Caitlin Kennedy, “R2-D2 Is Lost!” is a new Star Wars children’s book set in the sequel trilogy era. In this tale, R2-D2, C-3PO, and BB-8 travel to Endor. Upon arrival, the Ewoks decide to throw a banquet in Threepio’s honor while R2 goes off on his own. R2 finds a lost playful Ewok child, but, unfortunately, R2 is also lost. Now he and the young Ewok must try to get back to the village amidst some dangerous situations. 

“R2-D2 Is Lost!” feels less like a kids book and more like a short comic book story that you’d see in an anthology series like “Star Wars Adventures.” Really, it’s suitable for any fan despite its target demo. Granted, it’s very short and to the point and doesn’t have much in the way of depth or story, but I’d wager fans will be happy to see the droid characters and, more importantly, the Ewoks again.

The story is accompanied by illustrations by Brian Kesinger. The art strongly resembles “Calvin And Hobbes” throughout. The only downside is that both Threepio and R2 look a bit wonky in spots. In particular, their faces look a bit off on certain pages. 

“R2-D2 Is Lost!” will be released February 11, 2020.


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