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My Life Is Murder Series 1 Blu-ray Review


Lucy Lawless shines in “My Life Is Murder.”

In the 10 episode debut season of “My Life Is Murder,” the story revolves around a widowed retired cop (Alexa Crowe) who is not really retired. Although she tries to live a life of peace by indulging in her hobbies, a former colleague (Detective Inspector Kieran) seems to rope her back into the line of duty when he asks for help and advice on cases. Alexa becomes also becomes a mentor of sports to the peppy millennial officer Madison. Throughout season 1, Alexa investigates mysteries involving the deaths of: a woman who allegedly fell to her death, a motel room occupant, a cyclist, a cooking school student, the brother of a newly wed man, a former teacher of Alexa’s, a man in someone else’s grave, a hit and run victim, and a cosmetic surgeon. There’s also a case involving a shady clairvoyant. 

International cop and mystery dramas are a hot commodity these days so it’s not surprising to see a new one hit the shelves on home video. This particular fast paced show is an Australian murder mystery series/police procedural. While it may be a hipper series with a quirky edge and some saucy content here and there, it’s nothing new content wise. It’s your standard formulaic cop/mystery series with the main character (Alexa) investigating deaths and going undercover to solve the crime. You know what you are getting with each episode With all of that said, however, it is still an entertaining series for one reason- the cast.

Lucy Lawless will probably forever be known as “Xena: Warrior Princess,” but the underrated actress has done a lot of fantastic works in shows like “Battlestar Galactica,” “Spartacus,” “Ash Vs. Evil Dead,” and “The X-Files.” Her performance as Alexa here can now be added to the list as well. The character is witty, smart, charming while also being vulnerable. Truth be told, Lawless makes the series worth watching as does her chemistry with the other main players Ebony Vagulans (Madison), Bernard Curry (Kieran) and Alex Andreas (cafe owner George).


Presentation: 16:9 1080p. Grade: B+ 

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. Grade: B+

Extras: Trailers for other Acorn titles, 6 animated shorts revolving around Alexa’s cat, and a behind the scenes that introduces the cast members.

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