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Star Wars: The Legends Of Luke Skywalker: The Manga Review


“The Legends Of Luke Skywalker: The Manga” is more involving than the novel.

For those that aren’t aware, “Star Wars: The Legends Of Luke Skywalker: The Manga” adapts 4 stories from Sam Liu’s anthology book of the same name. So, what all is in this manga? Read on to find out!

First up is “The Starship Graveyard” by the team of Akira Fukaya and Takashi Kisaki. In this tale, an Imperial Gunner flees a destroyed Star Destroyer and winds up on Jakku. Upon arrival, he is injured, but is aided by Luke Skywalker. “I, Droid” by Haruichi is told from the POV of a reprogrammed droid named Zeta reprogrammed who is forced to be an enforcer for a mining operation. Another such droid here is an enslaved R2-D2 who is about to be rescued by Luke Skywalker. “The Tale of Lugubrious Mote” by Subaru is told from the POV of a mole-flea who is initially on Salacious Crumb at Jabba’s Palace during the events of “Return of the Jedi” (yes, you read that right). “Big Inside” by Akira Himekawa” follows a biology student who gets a ride from Luke who is scouring the galaxy to learn more about the Jedi. The two end up exploring what they think is an asteroid but is instead a giant space slug. Within the slug, however, they discover wonders within it.

While I was largely underwhelmed by the novel that never quite lived up to its promising premise, “Star Wars: The Legends Of Luke Skywalker” benefits from showcasing stylish visual interpretations of the stories. “The Starship Graveyard” artwork is a bit jagged and the story is undoubtedly rushed, but the story proves to be an intriguing piece about the myth of Luke in the galaxy during this time period. “I, Droid” is pretty straight forward, but the lovely art that features well defined characters and environments elevates the story overall. “The Tale of Lugubrious Mote” was the most ridiculous and eye-rolling story in the novel, but visually, it is far from engaging because it seems to embrace its goofy nature. The anime series level artwork really makes the story come alive as well. “Big Inside” is the most ambitious story and it’s also the most detailed from an art perspective. The story really encapsulates the wonders of exploration and knowledge.

“Star Wars: The Legends Of Luke Skywalker: The Manga” isn’t likely to be lauded as one of the great works in SW literature, but the manga is a much more enjoyable read than the novel. I wonder if the remaining stories from the novel will be adapted in the future as well?

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